Thursday, July 13, 2017

Hide Your Fear by Kevin O'Brien

Hide Your Fear
Kevin O'Brien
projected publication date 25 July 2017
5/5 stars

Divorcée Caitlin Stoller and her two children move into a beautiful home to start a new life.  Unfortunately, the house comes with a threatening stalker.

Meanwhile, in another part of the county, high school swimmers are being abducted.  One has been found dead, while the others are still missing.  Aaron has just joined the missing.

Hide Your Fear is a creepy, unsettling domestic thriller.  It weighs in at 544 pages, and I read it in three gulps.  O'Brien's writing is average, but as his storytelling ability is excellent, sparkling prose isn't missed.  He expertly weaves the two plots together and keeps the reader in suspense even after revealing nearly everything.  I highly recommend this as an un-put-down-able read.

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